What types of cases do wage and hour lawyers handle?

and hour lawyers handle a variety of cases related to employment law, specifically focusing on issues related to wages, overtime pay, and working hours. These attorneys represent both employees and employers in disputes and litigation cases. Here are some common types of cases that wage and hour lawyers handle

Unpaid wages

This includes cases where employees have not received their regular wages, such as hourly pay, salary, or commissions. Wage and hour lawyers help employees recover their unpaid wages through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

Overtime pay

These cases involve employees who have worked more than the standard 40 hours per week and have not received proper compensation for their overtime hours. Wage and hour lawyers assist employees in recovering unpaid overtime wages, including back pay and potential penalties.

Misclassification of employees

Employers may misclassify employees as exempt from overtime pay when they should be classified as non-exempt. Wage and hour lawyers help employees determine their correct classification and seek appropriate compensation for any unpaid overtime wages.

Independent contractor misclassification

Employers sometimes misclassify workers as independent contractors to avoid providing benefits and protections guaranteed to employees. Wage and hour lawyers assist workers in challenging their classification and seeking the benefits and protections they are entitled to as employees.

Meal and rest break violations

Some states have specific laws requiring employers to provide employees with meal and rest breaks during their shifts. Wage and hour lawyers handle cases where employers fail to provide these breaks or deduct pay for breaks that were not taken.

Off-the-clock work

Employers may require employees to perform work-related tasks before or after their scheduled shifts without compensating them for this time. Wage and hour lawyers help employees recover wages for off-the-clock work that was not properly compensated.

Wage theft

This includes cases where employers intentionally withhold wages or make illegal deductions from employees’ paychecks. Wage and hour lawyers assist employees in recovering stolen wages and pursuing legal action against the employer.

Recordkeeping violations

Employers are required to maintain accurate records of employees’ hours worked, wages, and other employment-related information. Wage and hour lawyers handle cases where employers fail to maintain proper records or falsify records to avoid paying employees their rightful wages.

Class action lawsuits

In some cases, multiple employees may have similar wage and hour claims against the same employer. Wage and hour lawyers may represent a group of employees in a class action lawsuit, seeking compensation for all affected individuals.