What information and documents do I need to provide to an immigration appeals lawyer?

seeking assistance from an immigration appeals lawyer, it is important to provide them with all relevant information and documents related to your case. This will help the lawyer understand the details of your situation and build a strong appeal on your behalf. Here is a list of information and documents you should consider providing

Personal Information

Provide your full name, date of birth, contact information, and any other personal details required by the lawyer.

Immigration Documents

Include copies of all immigration-related documents, such as your visa, passport, I-94 arrival/departure record, and any previous immigration applications or petitions.

Notice of Decision

If you have received a denial or unfavorable decision from the immigration authorities, provide a copy of the notice of decision. This will help the lawyer understand the reasons for the denial and identify potential grounds for appeal.


Include any correspondence you have had with immigration authorities, such as letters, emails, or notices. This will help the lawyer understand the history of your case and any previous interactions with immigration officials.

Supporting Evidence

Gather any supporting evidence that can strengthen your appeal. This may include documents such as employment records, educational certificates, financial statements, or medical records. Any evidence that supports your claims or demonstrates your eligibility for the immigration benefit should be included.

Legal Documents

If you have previously worked with an immigration attorney or representative, provide copies of any legal documents related to your case. This will help the new lawyer understand the previous legal strategy and any arguments that were made.

Immigration Forms

If you have previously submitted any immigration forms or applications, provide copies of these forms along with any supporting documents that were submitted with them.

Timeline of Events

Prepare a detailed timeline of events related to your immigration case. Include dates of entry and exit from the country, any changes in immigration status, and any significant events or interactions with immigration authorities.

Personal Statement

Write a detailed personal statement explaining your immigration history, reasons for the appeal, and any other relevant information. This statement should be honest, concise, and well-organized.

Any Other Relevant Information

If there are any other documents or information that you believe may be relevant to your case, provide them to the lawyer. It is better to provide too much information than to leave out something important.

Remember, every immigration case is unique, and the specific documents required may vary depending on the circumstances. It is always best to consult with an immigration appeals lawyer to determine the exact information and documents needed for your specific case.