How does the lawyer communicate with clients and keep them updated on the progress of the case?

use various methods to communicate with their clients and keep them updated on the progress of their case. These methods include

In-person meetings

Lawyers often schedule face-to-face meetings with their clients to discuss the case, provide updates, and answer any questions or concerns. These meetings allow for direct communication and enable the lawyer to gauge the client’s understanding and emotional state.

Phone calls

Lawyers frequently communicate with their clients over the phone to provide updates, discuss strategies, and address any immediate issues. Phone calls offer a convenient and efficient way to maintain regular contact and keep clients informed.


Lawyers often use email to communicate with clients, especially for non-urgent matters or when detailed information needs to be shared. Emails provide a written record of the conversation and allow clients to review the information at their convenience.

Letters and documents

Lawyers may send letters or documents to clients to provide updates, share important information, or request signatures on legal documents. These written communications ensure that clients have a clear understanding of the case’s progress and any necessary actions they need to take.

Online client portals

Some law firms provide clients with access to secure online portals where they can view case updates, documents, and communicate with their lawyer. These portals offer a convenient way for clients to stay informed and engaged in their case.

Text messages

In certain situations, lawyers may use text messages to provide quick updates or reminders to their clients. However, this method is typically used for brief and non-sensitive communications.

Video conferences

With the advancement of technology, lawyers can now conduct video conferences with their clients. This method allows for face-to-face communication even when the client and lawyer are not physically present in the same location.